How to edit fields and values

Learn how to edit field names and values of various field types.

How to edit field names

  1. Go to your Collection (i.e., Collection view).
  2. Click the three dots by any field name and choose Edit.
  3. Edit the field name and choose Save.
Note: Editing field names in Extraction view is not yet supported.

How to edit values

Editing values from Extraction view

You can edit values of the following field types from Extraction view:

  • Single value fields (text, number, date)
  • Table fields
  • Checkbox fields
  • Manual field values
  1. Open any file and enter Extraction view.
  2. Either directly click the value you want to edit or hover over the value and click the pencil icon.
  3. You can choose to either adjust the blue bounding box or manually typing in a correct value into the value field.
  4. After you’re done editing, click Confirm value and blue box.
  5. If you’re editing values in a table, make sure you hit Confirm entire row after editing to trigger Impira to reprocess predictions.
✨ Fun note: If you add or delete adjacent words in the manual selection box, the blue box will adjust accordingly.
Note: You cannot change a value’s field type after it has been created (e.g., change from a single text value to checkbox value). If you try to select a value that’s not of that type, you’ll get an error (e.g., if you try to select text for a number field). If a field type is incorrect, delete the field and recreate it with the correct field type.

Editing values from Collection view

Values of the following field types can be edited from either Extraction view or Collection view:

  • Manual fields
  • Checkbox fields (both manually added and extracted checkboxes)
Note: Custom field values can only be edited from Collection view (go to the Editing custom field values section).
  1. Go to your Collection and find your field.
  2. If it’s a text field, double-click into the cell, edit the text, then either press Enter on your keyboard or click your mouse anywhere else on the screen.
  3. If it's a checkbox field, simply click the checkbox to check or uncheck it.

Editing Dataset values

Edit values in your Dataset the same exact way as you would edit manual field values.

  1. Go to your Dataset (left sidebar).
  2. Double-click any value, edit the text, and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Editing custom field values

While you can’t edit custom field values directly, you can edit the expressions that return those values.

  1. Find the custom field in Collection view and click the three dots by the field name.
  2. Select Edit, make any changes to your expression, then choose Save.


Let’s say you have a concatenated field called Full address with values that includes the fields:

  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

The expression is for that custom field is:

concat(Street, " ", City, " ", State," ", `Zip code`)
Note: Any field names that have multiple words or spaces need to be encased in backticks (`).

But now, you want to edit the values for Full address so they no longer include the zip code.

  1. Find the custom field in Collection view and click the three dots by the field name.
  2. Enter the expression:
concat(Street, " ", City, " ", State)

This edits the value of your custom field, Full address, to no longer include the zip code.

Note: A join field definition is not able to be edited.

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