How to search in Impira

Impira enables you to search for information about files, including information about the file and what is contained within the file.

Impira enables you to search over a variety of data points:

  • Fields created in Collections. It includes all of the field types that Impira offers: Text Extraction, Functions, and custom Note fields.
  • File Names, File Path for the file, and much more.
  • Text content within the supported files (documents and images). If an image contains text, then Impira’s computer vision algorithm automatically extracts the text content from it.
  • Presence of objects in images. Impira runs computer vision algorithms to detect the presence of objects (for example cars, dogs, trees, and many more) in the images. Searches that match these objects will return those files.

To search for information, simply enter free-text terms in the search bar and press enter.

The search results display files that contain, in any of the fields, every term entered in the search bar. If all of the terms are not present in a field, then the search does not return any results.

Note: A search is constrained to results from the current Collection by default. If you need to search across all of your files, please run your search in All files.

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