How to use DocQuery

What’s DocQuery?

DocQuery allows you to ask questions about PDF documents, and receive answers. DocQuery uses a machine learning model called LayoutLMv1 that’s fine-tuned on DocVQA, a document visual question answering dataset, as well as SQuAD, which boosts its English-language comprehension.

You can test run a DocQuery demo on Hugging Face or try it inside the Impira app.

How to use DocQuery in the Impira app

DocQuery works as simply as typing a question about files you’ve uploaded into Impira.

Step 1: Upload your files to a Collection

Create a new Collection and upload your files.

Learn more about Collections and how to upload files into Impira.

Step 2: Type your question and check your results

Some examples include:

  • What’s the invoice number?
  • What’s the due date?
  • What’s the total amount due?
  • What are the net sales for 2020?

Step 3: Add your results as a new field

If you like what you see, you can add these results as a field to keep them in your Collection:

  • Click the + icon next to your results column.
  • Name your field.
  • Ensure your field type is “Single text value.”
  • Select your value type (text (includes both text and numbers), number (only numbers), or date).
  • Hit Create.

Modifying answer values

You can modify answer values by typing them manually or clicking in the document. This field will improve as you give it more examples.

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