How to use DocQuery

What’s DocQuery?

DocQuery allows you to ask questions about PDF documents, and receive answers.

DocQuery uses a machine learning model called LayoutLMv1 that’s fine-tuned on DocVQA, a document visual question answering dataset, as well as SQuAD, which boosts its English-language comprehension.

You can test run a DocQuery demo on Hugging Face or log in to your account to try it in the Impira app.

How to use DocQuery in the Impira app

DocQuery works as simply as typing a question about files you’ve uploaded into Impira.

Step 1: Upload your files to a Collection

Create a new Collection and upload your files.

Learn more about Collections and how to upload files into Impira.

Step 2: Type your question and check your results

Some examples include:

  • What is the invoice number?
  • When is the due date?
  • What is the total amount due?
  • What are the net sales for 2020?

Step 3: Save your results as a new field

If you like what you see, you can add these results as a field to keep them in your Collection:

  • Click the + icon next to your results column.
  • Name your field.
  • Ensure your field type is “Single text value.”
  • Select your value type (text (includes both text and numbers), number (only numbers), or date).
  • Hit Create.

Modifying answer values

You can modify answer values by typing them manually or clicking in the document. This field will improve as you give it more examples.

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