What is Extraction view?

☝️ Extraction view was formerly known as "file view."

Extraction view is a view in Impira's user interface where you can:

Access Extraction view by opening any file from Collection view.

Extraction view vs Collection view

Extraction view is where users can set up fields for data extraction on an individual file, and Collection view shows your entire Collection's extracted data from a birds-eye view and is presented in a spreadsheet-like manner. You can interact with your data through searching and querying from Collection view.

You can get to Extraction view through Collection view:

The anatomy of Extraction view

Extraction view menu options

Modify pages

Use this file modification toolkit to rotate, split, or remove pages. Read more.

Download original file

This downloads the current file onto your computer.

You can also download all your Collection's files at once by exiting Extraction view, clicking the Download button in the top-right corner, and selecting All original files.

Download as CSV

This downloads all the fields you've extracted or created for this file as a CSV file. Learn how to download your entire Collection as a CSV.

Disable OCR (use embedded text)

Impira standard method is to examine the embedded text in a file, then apply OCR (optical character recognition). This is usually the best option for most users.

This feature ignores any OCR processing performed on this file and tells Impira to rely on the embedded text already present in the document to make extractions. This is an advanced feature and should only be used when users know that using embedded text would yield higher quality results than OCR text would.

Note: If you disable OCR on a file, you will have to delete the file and re-upload it to have OCR processing performed on it again.

Hide highlighted fields

Use this feature to hide any bounding boxes placed over any extracted values from your file to see your file's original form.

Remove from Collection

This removes this specific file from this Collection. This file will still be available in All files.

Rename file

  1. While in Extraction view, click the dropdown menu in the top left corner and select Rename file.
  1. A window will pop up where you can edit the file name. You'll also be shown which Collection(s) this file appears in.
  1. Click Rename file.
Note: Renaming a file is a global change. If a file exists in multiple Collections, this change will be seen everywhere this file appears.

View file information

A window with the following information will appear:

  • File ID (a unique number automatically assigned by Impira)
  • File name
  • File type
  • File size
  • Upload date and time
  • Source type (where or how this file was uploaded)
  • Source name

Uploading files in Extraction view

After you’ve uploaded a file and added a few extraction fields, you can upload new similar files straight into your Collection via Extraction view.

You’ll see this box if you have just one file in your collection. You can drag-and-drop files or click to locate files on your computer to upload.

The upload box will also appear any time you drag files onto your browser window so you can upload new files from Extraction view whenever you’d like.

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