Welcome to Impira

We’re an AI-powered platform that exists to help you effortlessly automate tedious data entry and other manual tasks so you can put your time and energy into more meaningful things. Read more about us here.

What can you do with Impira?

Impira allows users of all technical skill levels to iteratively organize all their files (e.g., documents, images, videos, etc.) and teach Impira’s machine learning algorithms to extract information from these files, like text, numbers, checkboxes, handwriting, and more.

How to use Impira

Step 1: Upload files and create a Collection

There are many ways to get your files into Impira:

  • Drag-and-drop files directly onto your browser
  • Email them straight from your inbox or mailing list
  • Use Impira Write API
  • Integrate with Zapier

Group your files into Collections, which are like folders that hold files with the same layouts and data fields. For example, if you have multiple purchase orders from which you’d like to extract Vendor name, date, and total amount, place them in the same Collection. Create as many customized Collections as you need.

Step 2: Extract data

Once your files are in Impira and you’ve organized them into a Collection, start with one file and select the data you’d like for Impira to learn how to extract.

Let Impira run and find the same data from the rest of your files in the Collection.

Step 3: Review Impira’s matches

After Impira goes and retrieves data matches from the rest of your files, you'll be prompted to check Impira’s work by going through the review workflow.

You can now either export your data via CSV or access your data via Impira Read API. For more advanced queries, use Impira Query Language (IQL). To find out more, schedule a chat with an Impira specialist to talk through your use case and see how Impira can help you.

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