Tips and tricks for using Impira

You can mold Impira’s flexible platform to automate and accelerate your workflow. Here are a few handy tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of Impira’s capabilities.

Tip #1: Use Collections to group files together with common data

Learn more about Collections or watch the video below.

A Collection is a feature unique to Impira. It's a folder that contains a group of files that have similar layouts and share the same schema (a set of fields you want to extract — e.g., Name, Date, Balance, etc).

However, while standard folders simply hold and organize files, Collections have a brain (i.e., a machine learning model) to actively learn how to extract data from those files.

While Collections can adapt to learn nearly any document layout, docs within a specific Collection should all have the same layouts and contain the fields you want to extract.

Tip #2: Creating multiple Collections

If you have a group of invoices with the same layout and you want to extract the fields, Name, Date, and Balance Due from all of them, place them in the same Collection.

Let’s say you also had a group of purchase orders with the same layout and fields. You can put them in a new Collection and start extracting data. This new Collection will start learning the new type of document and customize itself by observing your corrections and confirmations.

Tip #3: Have five or more files in a Collection

Impira learns from the very first manual extraction that you do. For you to see predicted extractions, you need at least two files: One from which you’ve manually extracted data and one on which Impira can make a predicted extraction. In general, we recommend that you add at least five files to a Collection and manually extract all the fields from at least a few of the files to see the best initial results.

Tip #4: Turn all confidence scores to green

While you can start seeing results from the very first extraction, the more manual extractions and verifications that you do, the more Impira learns and the more accurate it gets. Impira visually displays how confident the prediction is for each extraction so you can quickly see which predictions are confident and which you should review first.

We recommend “getting to green” by verifying or correcting all of the predictions with the red marker to confirm they are correct. In addition to making sure that those values are correct, you’ll be teaching Impira with each interaction. You might even see some of the red indicators automatically turn green as you’re verifying other predictions.

Read more about increasing confidence using the Review workflow.

Tip #5: Add a manual field to add notes

In addition to fields extracted by Impira, you can create and create manual fields which you can use to freely add notes or details about any particular file.

Some examples include:

  • Add the name of a salesperson associated with a particular invoice.
  • Adding a manual checkbox field to note whether or not an application has been approved
  • Adding a manual date field to indicate when an application was approved
Learn more about manual fields or watch the video below.

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